The Performance Potential Score

p4 model engels1Personnel, the staff, the human resource, is the only non copycat success factor for any organization. Personnel consists of employees, people and in order for people to perform optimally, good knowledge of their performance is essential.

To this end, Agamedes has developed the PPP, performance potential score, with which organisations can provide insight into the basis of the personnel policy, the foundation for success, real knowledge of what employees can and want.

In this model 4 leading scientific theories are bundled into one model.
The 4 elements of the model are:


Performance ability is determined by the degree of development of competencies. In the PPP, 32 competencies are measured over six groups on a 100% scale. The set of competencies is based on the TMA competency model.


Potential is an estimate of the development possibilities. In which talent groups, intelligence categories is the employee stronger or weaker. This test is based on Gardner's theory. Six talent groups are measured on a 100% scale.


Personality is an important element for people's employability. The basis of the test is the Big5, the only scientifically validated theory on personality. A total of 30 personality traits, divided over 5 main groups, are measured on a 100% scale.


What are the motivations of the employee? Where do the interests lie? What does the employee desire? The basis of this test is Schein's theory. Nine elements are measured on a 100% scale.

The Performance Potential Modelâ„¢ offers organizations an instrument to get to know and understand employees better. This makes it possible to respond better to the personal needs and ambitions of employees and is therefore the basis for a modern HRM policy, in which the strength of the employees is central.

Do you want to know your score on the model? Take the basic test for free.

Recruiters and recruitment agencies can buy a license to make the PPP available for their selection process.

For organisations a very extensive version is available that can be used as a basis for modern HRM.

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